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Integrated Lens Technology

Distributing high quality lenses across 60 different countries in the world, Integrated Lens Technology Pte Ltd is an all-round optics manufacturer. Our lenses are manufactured straight from our factory and are shipped to our partners within Asia, Middle East, Russia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and our widespread distribution of quality products.

As a One-Stop Business solution guided by our core values of Quality, Service, Innovation and People, Integrated Lens Technology eliminates the need of engaging multiple parties. We manufacture a wide variety of lenses in our plant in Danyang, assuring reliable product delivery, quality and service with effective communication support.


Kodak Lens: Exclusivity to Signet Armorlite

In 1992 the Eastman Kodak Company issued a licensing agreement to Signet Armorlite—a world’s leading ophthalmic lens manufacturer—for the exclusive right to use the Kodak brand for premium ophthalmic lenses. Since then, over 50 ophthalmic products have been developed under the Kodak Lens brand.

Signet Armorlite is now recognized as a leading innovator in ophthalmic lens products, from design through to manufacture. Through investing in the latest manufacturing technology and modern lens design practices Signet Armorlite is currently at the forefront of the digital freeform lens revolution.


Essilor Lens : 170 Year's History in Bringing Better Vision to All

Although the Essilor group has existed since 1972, its origins date back more than a century. Shaped by major technological advances, this long history is also one of a strong company culture built on values and a unique ambition: to help everyone to see well.

Our business is designing, producing and distributing across the world high-quality products and services that every day help correct, protect and prevent risks to the visual health of the 7.4 billion people on our planet. This global health challenge is at the heart of our strategy and our mission: improving lives by improving sight.


Zeiss Lens : Discover the World Around You. With ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS works at a level far higher than the industry standard.

For more than 170 years, ZEISS has been a veritable optical powerhouse. With its four divisions, the ZEISS Group stands for profound knowledge in various fields of optics, enabling consumers and technical pioneers to set historical milestones using only the very best equipment. This consistent progress has permitted the company to achieve numerous technical feats and has always been the driving force behind the entire ZEISS Group, enabling them to offer cutting-edge, innovative products that continuously raise the bar in the optical industry.

ZEISS Vision Care imbues each and every product  with the knowledge harnessed at the ZEISS Group, giving the world the gift of clear vision without any compromises and setting new standards in the eyeglass lens industry.