What tool would you first pick to clean your lenses when there are smudges or stains on the lenses? Cleaning it with shirt or randomly pick a tissue near to us are the most common methods we use daily. However, what we’ve been practising is actually damaging the lenses because our shirt contains dust and other particles which will create scratches. Probably many of us aware of the wrong method, but we do it anyway. If this is a wrong method, then how should we clean the lenses in a more proper way?

Step 1: Make sure your hands are clean and dry before cleaning lenses.
Step 2: Rinse your lenses with warm tap water. Do not use hot water as it may damage lens coatings.
Step 3: Put small portion of lotion-free dish washing liquid on each lens.
Step 4: Softly rub the lenses and the entire part of frame.
Step 5: Rinse thoroughly.
Step 6: Gently wipe off the water with clean lint-free cloth has not been cleaned with a fabric softener or dryer sheet.
Step 7: Remove streaks or smudges remain with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

You might be wondering what other tools that we can use when we are in outdoor. At this time, cleaning tissue could be our lifesaver! Be sure to always carry individually-packaged lens wipes. You’ll find it very useful when in need. The wipes tend to dry very fast, so make sure to clean also the tempers, nose pad, and nose bridge. Wipe off the dirt and you’re ready to go!