Dry eyes are commonly happened to white-collar workers.

This is because we literally spend an average of 5-6 hours a day on working at computer, excluding the hours of playing digital gadgets. Until today, there are no evidences showing that starring at computer screen may cause vision impairment permanently. However, this practice may lead to uncomfortable eye-related symptoms just like dry eyes.

Dry eyes often occur when the eyes do not produce enough of tears or the tears evaporate fast. In addition, inflammation at the surface of eye could be happened. If we do not bother to react promptly, the condition could lead to pain, ulcers, or scars on the cornea, and possible to loss some vision.

Today, we would like to highlight a few syndromes on how dry eyes start hitting us.

  1. Burning sensation
  2. Itchy eyes
  3. Aching sensation
  4. Heavy eyes
  5. Fatigued eyes
  6. Sore eyes
  7. Dryness sensation
  8. Red eyes
  9. Blurred vision
  10. Light sensitivity

Gratefully, it is possible to get treatment before the problem gets worse. You may consider routinely use of artificial tears and keep your eyes away from devices screen opportunely to allow the eyes take a short break. To avoid, make sure your eyes are clean by gently washing the eyelids every time you wash face. It is advisable to consult an eye care professional for more in-depth discussion should you discover the eyes condition are beyond your expectation.